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Andre Cadilacsam Murphy

 After hearing the voice and Called from God into the Ministry & in 1981,

Under the leadership of great Bishop James A. Murphy Sr,ten years later the Senior Pastor.guided by the Holy spirit saw it fit to elevate Rev. Andre and his beloved Brother Rev. James Murphy Jr. and Ordained the two Minister into place, Note it was on the very same day and time.

Now this is where they are greatefully still humbly serving as of this date. Here is where they Serve as the associates Ministers at The Rose of Sharon Community Church. Finally he began working in Church as the Percussionist, a Usher, and then a Deacon, and work in Praise & worship Ministry.  

Again under the guidance of his Father he began  working as a President as a teenager working in The Lord will make a way Mission. Which also grew over a ten year term.

A few years later the name of the group was updated to Rose of Sharon Church Outreach Ministries.

The focus was to help the new member learn more about how they could be use to work for God in & outside of the Church. As well as to get more familiar with door to door Evangelism  outside of the Church.

Evangelist Andre learned that it did not take a whole large group, to witness, for he learn to witness where ever he goes. 

As always jokes with his Mother no matter what keep you a bus card, and keep it loaded and tuck a little care fare down inside your wallet .

Mother would constantly warn us, Just to be on the safe side just in case you need to take a Train or the bus. You know you never know what tomorow may bring,Then we would both laugh together out loud.

This is the setting of which God used to me  what real fellowship with unbelievers, and those who  of are different faiths and religions,

Once I entered the doors of the Olivet Nazerene University.

There I learn what real,  Love, respect, responsibity and the appreciation of human kind, stood for.

At our School you can not pass the class without your fellow cell groups and team team mates..

Some of the highlights:were as follows Good Friday service,

The 4 Gospel writers; The gifts of the spirit,

The Seven last words of Christ, The Seven I am's ,

 Psalm 27 & Psalm 37 Sunrise Service.

What did Jesus say to the Seven Churches?

The youth working with the Adults

The Gospel Musical Explosion

The Christmas Eve Musical

The seven seals. and the Lord's Prayer.

My Short Biography

The focus of our Ministry
is to offer the word from God 
to extend the invitation of Christ
II Chron 7-14
to encourage and help those in need of resources to get back up again

​​​                                                      Welcome to Andre Murphy Ministries